Q. Is there any resource on the Internet which has a compilation of benefit programs for seniors, all in one place and that’s easy to use?

A. Yes! You may be unaware that seniors have access to hundreds of federal and state benefits programs that may assist them. Many retirees meet the requirements for these aids, yet do not know they are eligible and miss opportunities to receive assistance. Others can feel overwhelmed by complex application processes.

For this reason, the National Council on Aging (“NCOA”) has created a great resource accessible at www.BenefitsCheckUp.Org. It connects older adults and people with disabilities with federal and state benefits programs that can help pay for their health care, medicine, food, utilities, and more. You can see what’s available in your area by checking out its website and entering your ZIP code.

This online resource helps elders identify those federal and state assistance programs for which they are qualified. The database is free to access, and the National Council on Aging ensures that personal information people enter into the website remains confidential.

The website not only provides older people with individualized reports regarding assistance programs that would benefit them, but by visiting the site you can get a personalized eligibility report detailing the benefits programs for which you may qualify. The personalized report also details the information they may need for each program before applying, including contact information for the agencies administering the assistance.

On the BenefitsCheckUp website, you merely enter your information into the database, starting with your ZIP code. Then select the programs that interest you. These programs offer support for many services, including the following:

Health care and medication
Food and nutrition
Housing and utilities
Aging in place and In-Home Care
Disability services
Long-term care, such as skilled nursing facilities
Discounts and activities
Tax help
Crisis, legal, and general assistance
Veterans’ programs

After the website creates the personalized report, you can save it as a PDF document and email it to yourself or a loved one. This report can be a great resource for other family members and caregivers, who can then use it as a guide to assist you or your loved ones in applying for state or federal benefits for you or other family members.

This easy-to-use resource can help older adults and their families alleviate the stress associated with applying to state and federal benefits programs. Visit the BenefitsCheckUp website to use the tool. Why not give it a try?